Seminary of Script Editing 2

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306SE2 Z 3 48SS+12CS English summer

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Editing is explored as an important narrative component essential not only in the post-production of film, but already in the early stages of development (story treatment/screenplay). Methods and tools used in script editing are explained and tested on practical examples. Accompanied by debate and discussions, in the course students learn the basic knowledge of the script editing profession which is closely connected to the editing process in post-production.

Course is a workshop in which the students learn basics of script editing and analyze & develop various screenplays or treatments. This covers basic trade knowledge as well as practical experience with basic narrative principles. The program is supplemented by a summaries in lectures and debates. This subject of investigation is the script editing of the narrative of a feature film and its particulars.

Recommended or required reading

Gulino, P.J.: Screenwriting: The Sequence Approach

Horton, Andrew: Writing the Character-Centered Screenplay

Filed, Syd: Screenplay – the foundations of screenwriting

Campbell, Joseph: Hero with a Thousand Faces

Carriere, Jean-Claude: Scénariste ou le voyage á Bruxelles; Raconter une histoire


Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on:

Activity in the lectures/exercises/classes

development of the tasks

completion of the final exam

minimum 80% participation in the total classes.



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