Editing in Multimedia and Animated Film

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306SMAF Z 1 20S Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

An orientation in and ability for a conceptual approach in the implementation of a multimedia product. Adoption of basic standardized software and issues of coding the image and working with that information in various environments. A practical result of the module is the completion of a functional DVD showreel according to one's own design.

Mode of study

Moderated discussions, analyses of media recording samples.

Exercise completion.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

An overview of image standards and codexes. Elementary knowledge of image post-production programs. Analytical reflections upon the screened contributions.

Course contents

The principles and basics of digitally modifying images. A discussion of aesthetics and the creative possibilities of visual forms. Practical exercises - students create their own interactive DVD showreel.

Recommended or required reading

LeGriece, Malcolm: Abstract film and beyond

Oficiální manuály softwarových produktů Adobe

Odborná periodika - počítačová grafika/ estetika dig. obrazu (magazín Pixel,/ Umělec aj.)

Assessment methods and criteria

70% participation

Completion of the practical exercises.



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