Across Media

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307DAM credit 6 6 workshop hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 20 hours (60 minutes) of practice or independent work in school per semester, 76 to 106 hours of self-study English winter

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The course „Across Media“ is partly a continuation of the „Painting and visual workshop“ that took place last semester. It is also focused on art and visual techniques, but on a much broader scale. Individual lessons include artistic discourse from performance, spatial techniques, painting procedures to graphic and drawing procedures. It deals with the formal and content side of the work as well as general orientation in the terminology of contemporary art. Lecturers work closely with professionals from individual fields, theorists are also invited to collaborate. The course is conducted through the metaphor of an open experimenting space. It supports the diversity of approaches, concepts and outputs.

Learning outcomes

The course expands the knowledge and active use of other media, creates an inspiring environment for the creation of new visual forms, supports the students in finding suitable forms to express their intentions. It supports the diversity of approaches, concepts and outputs. It engages listeners in the context of visual art.

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Evaluation methods and criteria

active participation, completion of tasks, cooperation on the program

the course contains six hours mutual work in the weeks without studios lesson -


lecture about historical context - 2 hours

mutual structure of practise - 3 hours

feedback, discussion - 1 hour

and four hours mutual work in the weeks when are the studios scheduled

lecture about certain aspects with the practical demonstration - 1 hour

presentation of the tasks on given topics - 2 hours

feedback, discussion - 1 hour

Except regular meetings and homeworks - there are special tasks:

two public presentation in CSU Jelení (November 21, December 15)

each demands preparing the thematic evening - serie of performancies,

special lectures about recording and presentation - (UMPRUM - collection of photography -

Jan Mlčoch)

and final presentation within the winter clausura


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