Artistic Project: Theoretical Introduction to the Theme 1

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Code Completion Credits Range Language Instruction Semester
307EAPTIT1 exam 2 4 hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 14 to 24 hours of self-study English winter

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1st project: text & image

required readings:

oct 23: lessing, laocoon

nov 6: foucault, this is not a pipe

nov 13: barthes, the photographic message + rhetoric of photography (in: image-music-text)

final essay due nov 19 (c. 5-page critical interpretation of a chosen text)

2nd project: cameraless photography

Learning outcomes

the theoretical introduction to the theme is a lecture/seminar accompanying artistic projects: it provides students with historical and theoretical background, typically in the form of commented reading

Prerequisites and other requirements

participation on the artistic/creative master projects


Evaluation methods and criteria

attendance at all seminars is obligatory (if a student misses a class, s/he will be given a written assignment)

students must read required literature by given dates and turn in 2 written essay per semester, one for each project


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