Artistic Project: Theoretical Introduction to the Theme 2

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307EAPTIT2 ZK 2 4T English summer

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the theoretical introduction to the theme is a lecture/seminar accompanying artistic projects: it provides students with historical and theoretical background, typically in the form of commented reading

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participation on the artistic/creative master projects

Course contents


1st readings - presentations for 26th february:

christian - sculpture, photograph, book...

zuzana - the book the nation is waiting for...

jonas - twenty six gasoline stations...

evgenii - a spectre is leaving europe...

petr - a spectre is leaving europe...

matthew - photobook as object of memory...

carlos - beyond the exhibition

ivy - orphan pamuk...

richard - the eye of the lens

2nd readings - march 12

  1. finish your presentations (Carlos, Evgenij, Petr, Richard)
  2. discuss the exhibition/book The Family of Man and its criticism

study the book (there are copies in the library on reserve),

read its press releases (

and the following texts:

Roland Barthes, “The Great Family of Man” and “Myth Today” (in Mythologies, also available in Czech translation)

Susan Sontag, “America, Seen Through Photographs, Darkly” (in On Photography, also available in Czech translation)

Ariella Azoulay, The Family of Man (in The Human Snapshot)

Recommended or required reading

required reading:


recommended readings:









see also library, especially the 3-volume photobook history by parr & badger

Assessment methods and criteria

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