Documentary Photography 2

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307EDOP2 exam 2 26 seminar hours (45 min) of instruction per semester, 31 to 41 hours of self-study English

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The student masters the demands of working during rehearsals, performances, and filming. The student knows the basic specifics of work in each genre. The student is able to consult and perform assignments according to the specifics of the requirements and purpose of the shoot. Post-production is carried out in the spirit of the purpose of the photographs taken. Is able to work with a graphic designer or art director afterwards. The emphasis is on quality and honoring tradition as well as innovative and imaginative solutions.

Mode of study

in person

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Course contents

The course continues and develops the long tradition of theatre photography and the so called „fotosky“, i.e. photographs that are taken during filming and are further used for promotional purposes and for the creation of film posters. In addition to the actual shooting, the course includes communication with the theatre company and film crew, presence at rehearsals and during filming. Photography for other associated purposes such as costume photography etc. Outputs are post-produced for archival purposes in HR quality.

Main topics:

1/ Introduction to the course, introduction to the historical context, introduction to the program and the projects that will be documented during the semester, scripting and self-screening in front of the camera - Cindy Sherman, Gregory Crewdson, Jeff Wall and Inverted Odysseys

2/ Flat animation of photographs and screening of Jan Švankmajer's film Surviving Your Life (2010), 105 min. - analysis of individual segments, assignment of practical exercise

3/ Photographs, paratext of the film work

4/ Excursion to the collections of the UMPRUM Museum and guided tour of film posters of the silent film era with Petr Štembera

5 - 6/ Film photography: workshop Studio FAMU + individual consultation

7/ Czech Film Poster - lecture by curator Marta Sylvestrová, PhDr.

8/ Excursion - Theatre Institute - guided tour of the archive of theatre photography and research room, lecture - contemporary visual presentation of theatres

9/ Theatre disk - division of projects

10-11/ Study of Ibsen's play Phantoms - conversion of the theme into visual form, working with the theme as a basis for preparing a poster for the play

Visiting the dress rehearsal - J. Nebeský

12/ final presentation - photos of individual projects + design for the poster

Recommended or required reading


Walter Moser, Klaus Albrecht, Film-Styles. Photography between Advertising, Art and the Cinema. Kehrer Verlag, 2016.

Viktor Kronbauer: Theatre Photography


Theatre Websites:

Assessment methods and criteria

Regular participation in all course activities (attendance of at least 80%), regular completion of assigned topics and submission of results for consultation.



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