History and Theory of Photography 1

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307EDT1 exam 4 4 hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 64 to 84 hours of self-study English winter

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Learning outcomes

students will be introduced to the history of photography, media and visual culture of the 19th century and to the main contemporary historical and theoretical approaches in the field

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Evaluation methods and criteria

A requirement for completing the course attendance requirements (max. 2 absences per semester are tolerated), submission of both required results (if not submitted then only one paper on the assigned date, overall course grade: F).

The following grades are determined by the content of the two results (100-90% = A, 90-80% = B, 80-70% = C, 70-60% = D, 60-50% = E, 50-0% = F).

40% - 1st written paper of 1-2 standard pages, description & interpretation of a 19th-century photograph.

Due date: 19 November 2021

60% - 2nd written paper of 5 - 10 standard pages on a priorly agreed topic must be submitted by 7 January 2022 (both texts in pdf format sent to tomdvorak@famu.cz). If there is no confirmation of the sent email recieved the paper will be considered NOT submitted.

The exam will have the form of a discussion of both texts with the teacher.

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