Final Commission (klauzura) 2

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Code Completion Credits Range Language Instruction Semester
307EFC2 exam 3 English summer

Subject guarantor

Martin STECKER, Štěpánka ŠIMLOVÁ

Name of lecturer(s)

Hynek ALT, Markéta KINTEROVÁ, Rudolf PREKOP, Martin STECKER, Štěpánka ŠIMLOVÁ

Learning outcomes of the course unit

Year's work final commission assessment.

Mode of study


Prerequisites and co-requisites

A condition for assessment is the handing-in of all photographs in digital form in TIF format with a resolution of 300 dpi and the longer side of each photograph being 250 mm.

Course contents

Course Description:

The Final Commission is the final examination for the year. The student presents all work done in the given year. The Exhibition Photo Series is the main part of this exam. It is defended by the student and assessed by an examination board of instructior at the Department of Photography.

At the final examination in the spring the student presents all practical exercises performed during this year according to the year?s curriculum (RUP) as well as work done in workshops in which the student registered.

If there are extenuating circumstances for not being able to complete some practical exercises, the student shall, at the final examination, present a request to defer some of these subjects and exercises. This request must be signed by the course instructor in question. At most only two subjects or their practical exercises may be deferred. These postponed assignments are submitted to the commission at September's Final Commission exam.

A condition of awarding graded credit is the presentation of the required practicals in electronic form, mainly the Photo Series for Exhibition. The Exhibition series must be downloaded to the department website.

The student is required to exhibit the Exhibition Photo Series in its definitive form at a particular place in a given period.

Consultations: posted by the teacher

Time and place:

Spring - usually June - the precise date and hours will be posted on the notice-board of the Department of Photography.

Autumn - if part of the final examination in the usual period is not passed: September; the precise date and hours will be posted on the notice-board at the Department of Photography.

Recommended or required reading

not necessary

Assessment methods and criteria

Grading: exam results assessed by the Photography Dept. instructors' committee. The commission final may not be repeated.



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