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307EFCO3 ZK 1 10 seminar hours (45 min) of instruction per semester, 43 to 53 hours of self-study English winter

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The student knows the rules of presentation, explication and defence of his/her own work. The student knows how to work with

feedback and is able to reflect it in his/her own creative approach.

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The Clausura examination is an important tool for the completion and verification of the knowledge, skills and experience acquired by the student during each semester of study. It consists of the presentation of the semester exhibition project, presentation of the author's portfolio, presentation of selected results of all practical and selected theoretical courses. The aim is to summarize all the work that the student has realized or brought to a form of presentable elaboration during the semester. Above all, it is an opportunity for the listener to retrospect on his/her creative process, to glimpse weak and supporting creative steps and to use the feedbacks and insight of the committee to further develop and synthesize the results of each course in preparation for the state final exam.

Specification - Clause 3 - emphasis on the engagement of the artist's projects with the wider context and their future application, both in exhibition and related disciplines. Introducing and preparing the involvement of the results achieved in the thesis.

Recommended or required reading

Literature intended for courses in which the student has created works that are presented to the thesis committee.

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Examination before the commission



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