Form and Content of Art Work 1

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307EFOV1 ZK 2 24S English winter

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Štěpánka ŠIMLOVÁ

Name of lecturer(s)

Štěpánka ŠIMLOVÁ

Learning outcomes of the course unit

This course is designed as an extended consultation of work, intents and long-term projects.

Mode of study

Dialogues, discussions and analysis of examples of pieces of art and the actual work of students. The processing of short-term tasks on a given subject or topic under discussion.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Attendance in lectures - 80%. Focused work on the preparation of materials according to specifications and deadlines.

Course contents

This course is designed as an extended consultation of work, intents and long-term projects. The students bring their ideas and their work in various stages of progress. They try to specify their intent precisely and to find the essence of what they want to express or communicate. By the analysis of their theme the students get to the wider context of their work in the visual arts. They look up similar themes in art history and learn from them. As they learn more accurately understand to the meanings and possibilities of „reading“ of their work, they can communicate them more preciously.

The content of the artwork must be manifest in the material. The students choose the media and the form of the media of a manifestation in the material so that the content and the form remain in the relationship. They seek the most ideal solution for the mutual support of the content and the form.

The course is targeted for the practical component of work with an idea and an intent. The teaching is based on the takes the mutual consultation and discussion. Recommended literature, concrete of exhibitions and requisite part of the history of art and individual artists will be continuously outsourced and specify in relation to the themes that will be contained in projects of participants.

Recommended or required reading


Assessment methods and criteria

Credits are awarded based on:

active participation and attendance at classes (minimum participation of 80%)

assigned tasks within a given range and meet deadlines



Schedule for winter semester 2020/2021:

room 111
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Wed 17:20–18:55 Štěpánka ŠIMLOVÁ Room. No. 111
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