New Media and 3D Graphic 2

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307ENME2 ZK 2 2 seminar hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 32 to 42 hours of self-study English

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The aim of the course is to master the basic techniques for preparing 3D graphics (3D models, materials, textures, animation, rendering, programming). After completing the course, the candidate should be able to independently produce 3D graphic materials for his/her own creation (image, video, 3D printing, simulation, virtual reality, etc.) For students who already work with 3D graphics in their author's work, the course is extended by individual consultations with regard to specific author's projects.

Mode of study

in person

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Course contents

The course introduces candidates to the general fundamentals of 3D graphics in areas such as static and moving image creation and realtime simulation in the context of contemporary art. It is designed in relation to working with moving image. It reflects the learner's previous experience, knowledge and intentions. For beginners, it creates a space for learning the basics of working with the application - the so-called Basic. For more experienced listeners, it provides individual consultations on a specific project or a cloistered exhibition project.

Main topics:

1/ introduction to the course, examples of applications, demonstrations, finding out the actual knowledge, needs and goals of the audience, forming a „basic“ group and a group of more advanced students with their specific goals.

2/ introduction of basic tools - introduction to static images - preparation of inputs for 3D modelling

3/ individual consultations based on the exercise / individual consultations for projects in progress

4-5/ 3D models, materials, textures - introduction, demonstrations, joint exercises

6 - 7/ moving image and realtime simulation - joint exercise / individual consultation

8/ animation - joint demonstration / individual consultation

9/ render

10/ programming basics + individual consultation

11/ 3D printing, simulation, virtual reality

12/ joint presentation - evaluation

Recommended or required reading



blender guru

blender secrets

Ian Hubert


Ducky 3D

CG Matter

Assessment methods and criteria

The emphasis is on attendance, active participation in class and completion of the final assignment.



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