New Media and Multimedia 1

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307ENMM1 ZK 2 2 seminar hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 32 to 42 hours of self-study English

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

During the semester, the student will learn about video editing, including special editing. The student will create his/her own project, which he/she will place in the context of art and be able to present the video to a panel of experts.

Mode of study

in person

Prerequisites and co-requisites


Course contents

Expanding student projects to include new means of expression. Targeted work with sources of inspiration and the search for appropriate forms of expression in areas that go beyond the medium of photography, mainly in the form of video. Familiarity with the possibility of editing video in one of the editing programs (e.g. Adobe Premiere or Final cut) Reflecting on and working with contemporary developments in art. Placing projects in context. Working on individual assignments that build on students' existing work.

1)Finding topics for individual projects, examples of work by international artists.

2)Basic introduction to the editing program Adobe Premiere.

3)basics of video editing in Adobe Premiere

4)Special video editing in Adobe Premiere

5)Consultation of project work in progress

6)Camera work, including alternative shooting approaches

7)Working with sound and music in video

8)Using effects in video editing

9)Specific video editing (motion, keyframe, video tracking ...)

10)Animation in video, use of subtitles

  1. Consultation on project work in progress
  2. Presentation of projects

Recommended or required reading

James Monaco: The New Wave (Oxford University Press)

James Monaco: How to Read a Film (Oxford University Press)

Timothy Persons and Asia Zak Persons: The Helsinki School(vol. 1-5)

Adobe Creative team: Adobe Premiere Pro – Classroom in a Book

Assessment methods and criteria

Emphasis is placed on active participation in class and the completion of assigned tasks, which are then evaluated in an open discussion. Evaluation of personal contribution and reflection on one's own work is an important part of this.



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