Photography of Landscape 1

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307EPLA1 ZK 2 English winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

This course focuses on working on location with the use of natural light, working with image sharpness, cropping and composition, as well as considerations of photography as a medium offering a response to a location. Students are acqainted with the basic nature of photographic depiction when capturing a space and its photographic reproduction. The practical section devotes attention to medium format devices, good for using light, the effects of weather and potential use of classic techniques.

Mode of study

The course focuses on work in the open air with the use of natural light to work with visual acuity, slit and composition, but also on ways of thinking about photography as a means of denouncing the particular location.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

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Course contents

After the initial introduction to landscape photography, students will work on an exercise focused on a particular location. The aim of this task is to characterize the connection of the given locality to the surrounding areas and highlighting the idiosyncratic individual elements of the selected location. In the winter term students will focus on the confluence of Vltava and Berounka rivers in Zbraslav on the outskirts of Prague, including the adjacent areas that will be specified in further details. A few other interesting areas located on the other banks of the rivers, such as the Závist fortress, Radotín and Černošice villages, may be included as well.

The resulting photographs, taken either on an analog or on a digital camera, shall be submitted in the form of either analog fiber-based or digital inkjet prints (made on the Canon printer in room 427 at FAMU). The final outcome must consist of 5 to 7 images printed on approximately 30 x 40 cm size.

Recommended or required reading


Reich, Jan: Bohemia, Galerie Nový Svět, Praha 2005

Bárta, J., Helfert, Z., Horníčková, D., Lutterer, I., Dejmal, I., Jůn, L.., Kotalík, J. T.: Letem českým světem 1898/1998, Studio JB, Lomnice nad Popelkou1999

Ptáček, Josef: Země krásná, Knižní klub, 2009

Assessment methods and criteria


Exam: evaluation of the submitted tasks in which the maintenance of the assignment, quality of processing and personal creative interpretation is evaluated.

Participation: a condition for evaluating the student is a required 85% participation at lectures, participation at on-location assemblies and submission of photos at required group consultations established at the beginning of course instruction.


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