Photography of Landscape 2

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307EPLA2 ZK 2 English

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The aim of this course is to acquire experience in landscape photography. In contrast to the Winter semester, when the work was rather individual, we will now complete instruction in a several-day excursion to a particular countryside location. Students, in theory classes, will prior be acquainted with the selected location, its history and geological characteristics. In a study of artists who have covered this location, students gain a theory basis for their subsequent work. The practical assembly will take place during early Spring. The location will be select by the end of February.

Mode of study

Students will be acquainted with possible treatments and preparations for a photographic development of an assigned location in intensive theory preparations and the implementation itself at the assembly. We will cover not only theory preparations but, alsok, technological procedures of more complicated situation. This covers the use of polarization filters, center-filters and various split-filters. There will be the possibility of using a robotic head for managing a panoramic shot and the like. Potential for individual completion of the project is welcomed.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

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Course contents

  1. Selection of the location will be based on a brief presentation

2. A deeper understanding of the chosen location by means of photos, film, writings and

maps. Definition of the thematic point of view and specification of each student"s approach to

recording the given area.

 3. Excursions to the area of Beroun in form of several one-day trips. The exact schedule of

these fiel-trips trips will be announced in time.

4. Further visits to the area on an individual basis. Regular consultations of the work-in-


 5. Creation of a coherent, representative selection from the resulting material. An evaluation

of the outcome. 

To be submitted:

A coherent collection of at least 8 photographs that characterize the given locality in a

personal view of each individual student. Prior to starting the project, the student`s proposition

shall be approved by the teachers of this subject, as hinted on in point 2. 


Technical requirements:

 a) black-and-white photographs must be photographed on medium-format negatives (or


b) colour photographs can be photographed on a colour negative or alternatively on a digital

camera upon prior agreement


The recommended final output is either 8 black-and-white fiber-based photographic prints of

30 x 40 cm or 8 colour inkjet prints of 30 x 40 cm. In case a specific project would require the

use of both different final formats as well as different choice of technology, such as polaroids,

wet-plate process, cyanotypes, colour slides etc., it should be possible upon prior consultation

and consequent approval of such project, as hinted on in point 2.

Recommended or required reading


Lutterer, Ivan: Panoramatické fotografie, Studio JB, Lomnice nad Popelkou 2004 

Prokůpek, Bohumír: Národní park Podyjí, Asco, Praha 2012 

Ptáček, Josef: Země krásná, Knižní klub, 2009 

Reich, Jan: Bohemia, Galerie Nový Svět, Praha 2005 

Reich, Jan: Dům v krajině, Galerie Nový Svět, Praha 2007 

Spurný, Miloš: Moravské krajiny Miloše Spurného, Nadace Veronica a Ulita, Brno 1994 

Spurný, Miloš: Sbohem, staré řeky, FOTEP, Brno 2007 

Sudek, Josef: O sobě, Torst, Praha 2001 

Sudek, Josef: Smutná krajina, Galerie výtvarného umění v Litoměřicích, 1999 

Aumont, Jacques: Obraz, Akademie múzických umění, Praha 2005 

kolektiv autorů Neregulováno: Prales ve fotografii, Moravská galerie v Brně, Brno 2008

Assessment methods and criteria


Exam: evaluation of the submitted tasks in which the maintenance of the assignment, quality of processing and personal creative interpretation is evaluated. 

Participation: a condition for evaluating the student is a required 80% participation at lectures, participation at on-location assemblies and submission of photos at required group consultations established at the beginning of course instruction.


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