Photography of Architecture 1

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307EPOA1 ZK 2 English winter

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Students will, first of all, be acquainted with the basics of this photography discipline and from a historical and linked to contemporary technology development perspective. This semester focuses on the daring technique mastery of these issues. The students will be acquainted with various types. We will also cover the development of architecture in individual construction layers and examples of those constructions in the Czech Republic. This instruction will serve as theory instruction for exercises in the Summer semester.

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The location of this photographic exercise is the city of Prague or alternatively the student`s hometown in case it is inevitable due to the current pandemic situation. Each student will select one particular locality that will in the first stage become a subject of her or his own theoretical research. The goal is to analyze what were the circumstances and context of that specific area`s or building`s origin that led to their final shape and what were the historical ties related to it. It is each student`s task to plan the shooting to the utmost detail, taking into account not only the most suitable viewpoint of each shot, but also the appropriate time to record them. To successfully manage this part, it is essential both to analyze the given locality in relation to the seasons by means of tools like google maps or a sun calculator as well as to frequently visit and observe the place in person, all this prior to the actual shooting. A suggested approach of each student, illustrated by sketches recorded on any available digital camera, will be a subject of regular consultations.

Assignment`s specifications:

Option A: „A bridge“

A selected bridge shall be photographed during the whole term with a goal to record the best possible shots taking into account the stage of vegetation as well as the position of the sun. Recommended cameras are digital or medium-format analog devices.

Option B: „Garden architecture“

A selected garden will be photographed during the whole term with a goal to capture an example of both a special garden architecture and a landscape of the garden itself in order to amplify the symbiosis and meaning of these two elements. Recommended cameras are digital or medium-format analog devices.

To be submitted:

3 inkjet-printed colour or darkroom-printed black-and-white photographs of A3 size.

Evaluation criteria:

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Assessment methods and criteria

Students will be graded only if they attend 80% of classes and participate in group instructional excursions.


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