Work for Studio of Photography Department 1

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Code Completion Credits Range Language Instruction Semester
307EWS1 Z 4 24 hours (45 min) of instruction per semester, 82 to 102 hours of self-study English winter and summer

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Name of lecturer(s)

Learning outcomes of the course unit

Assisting in the Photography Dept. Studio, the student helps the Dept. or their colleagues in the implementation of various tasks and as well in practice revises their acquired knowledge.

Mode of study

Instruction is managed as practical collaboration with Photography Dept. instructors and students.

Prerequisites and co-requisites


Course contents

Course description:

Tasks: Detailed conditions and manners for completing tasks for this course will be posted at the Photography Dept. at the beginning of instruction.

More information and organization of individual activities will be provided by the Photography Dept. Studio head.

Recommended or required reading

Study materials will be individually determined according to the needs or difficulty of the assignment.

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded by the Photography Dept. head based on fulfilment of the assigned tasks.


This course may be taken at anytime during the 2nd, 3rd or 4th semester.

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