Drawing 1

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Code Completion Credits Range Language Instruction Semester
307KR1 credit 3 24 workshop hours (45 min) of instruction per semester, 57 to 72 hours of self-study English, Czech winter

Subject guarantor

Štěpánka ŠIMLOVÁ

Name of lecturer(s)

Štěpánka ŠIMLOVÁ

Learning outcomes of the course unit

The student knows the basics of drawing.

Mode of study


Prerequisites and co-requisites


Course contents

The course is designed to master and improve the basic means of expression of visual artists. Drawing is conceptualised in the field of photography as the basic psychomotor skill of transcribing 3D reality without the use of a camera, which the student uses in a wide range of applications from quick notes, to composition conception, to retouching skills, to adding authorial input to a technical image, to creating unique artefacts.


01 - Practical class - studio still life drawing - gauging students' experience and skills - feedback, consultation

02 - principles of studio drawing - line vs light - comparison with photography

03-06 - developing studio still life drawing with different basic techniques - pencil, charcoal, pen and ink - comparing experiences, benefits and suitability for different purposes

07, 08- completing skills through various short exercises - motion drawing, note drawing, drawing from memory, automatic drawing

09 - basics of technical drawing - use in composition and conception of exhibition projects

10 - basics of technical drawing - axonometry vs perspective

11 - study still life drawing using acquired knowledge - free drawing technique

12 - joint presentation of all works - evaluation

Recommended or required reading

Teissig, Karel. Drawing. Prague: Aventinum, 2010.

Kubiček, Jánus, and Jiri Hlusicka. Jánus Kubiček: Drawing and Graphics. Brno: Fotep, 2012.

Kazlepka, Zdeněk, and Martin Zlatohlávek. Diversities of Drawing: Italian Drawing of the High and Late Baroque in Czech and Moravian Public Collections. Brno : [Prague]: Moravian Gallery in Brno ; Catholic Theological Faculty of Charles University, 2016.

Antonovič, Vladan, Roman Prahl, and Akademie Výtvarných Umění (Prag). Obsession with drawing: the beginnings of the Academy of Arts in Prague, 1800-1835 . Prague: Divus, 1998.

Gombrich, Ernst Hans. Art and illusion: a study in the psychology of pictorial representation. Prague, Argo 2019.

Parramón, José María. How to draw: historical background, materials and tools, techniques and procedures, theory and practice of the art of drawing. Translation by Magdalena Pechová. Czech edition. 2. Prague: Jan Vašut, 1998.

Civardi, Giovanni. Perspective: how to depict volumes and shapes. First Czech edition. Staněk, Milan and Linc, Rudolf. Technique of figural drawing. 2nd ed., In Idea servis 1st ed. Prague: Idea servis, 2002.

Assessment methods and criteria

The course requires active participation in class and continuous completion of homework. The course ends with an exam, which takes the form of a joint presentation of all the work produced in the course.



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