Materiality of technical image

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307MMTO Z 1 32 hours (45 min) of instruction per semester, 1 to 6 hours of self-study English, Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

new capabilities for the work with the forms of technical picture (video / digital photography / 3D animation)

perceptiveness for the work with material and non-material forms of the project

self-confidence with the space solutions of the exhibition preparations

Mode of study

online / in person

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Module is open for students of the Studio of New Aesthetics without necessity of any previous specific experiences.

Course contents

The course / module is aiming at getting a grasp on materiality during the presentation of the artwork with the technical picture. Module will be held online in the form of discussion / consultation over the individual semestral projects in progress.

Dates: 30. 3. (8 hours), 4.-6. 5. (24 hours)

Recommended or required reading


Assessment methods and criteria

participation at the discussion

presentation of the individual project in progress

implementation of the knowledge into the project





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