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307MPK Z 1 3 hours (45 min) of instruction per semester, 23 to 28 hours of self-study English, Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

improvement of orientation in gallery and commercial sector, application after study

Improving the portfolio

Mode of study

in person

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Portfolio for consultation

Course contents

Preparation of artistic and professional portfolios, meetings with experts from artistic and commercial operations - professional employment, etc.

Work on the portfolio - improvement of the logical structure, scope, work with the headline, work with the text, overall layout

Consultation on the quality of photo documentation - a combination of general views, reference images and detail, post-production, conditions for photography

Recommended or required reading

Anna-Kaisa Rastenberg - Iris Sikking (eds.), Why Exhibit? Positions on Exhibiting Photographies. Amsterdam: Fw:Books - Helsinki: University of the Arts 2018.

Francois Bovier - Adeena May (eds.), Exhibiting the Moving Image. Zurich: JRP/Ringier - Dijon: Les presses du reél 2015.

Alessandra Mauro (ed.), Photoshow: Landmark Exhibitions that Defined the History of Photography. London: Thames & Hudson 2014.

Tamara Trodd (ed.), Screen/Space: the Projected Image in Contemporary Art. Manchester: Manchester University Press 2011.

Lucy Steeds (ed.), Exhibition. Cabridge, Mass.: The MIT Press 2014.

Shirley Read, Exhibiting Photography: A Practical Guide to Displaying Your Work. Oxford: Focal Press 2013.

The Fashion Business Manual https://fashionary.org/products/fbm#

Hans Ulrich Obrist Interviews https://www.amazon.com/Hans-Ulrich-Obrist-Interviews-Vol/dp/888158431X

David Korecký, Médium kurátor, https://www.kosmas.cz/knihy/149250/medium-kurator/

Assessment methods and criteria

Active present, taking part on the portfolios review, updated portfolio


CV of the lecturers:

Tomáš Souček - Životopis Fotograf. V roce 2006 absolvoval obor fotografie na Filmové a televizní fakultě Akademie múzických umění. Během studia byl na roční stáži na Royal Academy of Art, Den Haag Holandsko. Věnuje se fotografii architektury, designu a uměleckých děl. Spolupracuje s předními českými architekty a umělci, s galeriemi a kulturními institucemi. Se svou volnou tvorbou se účastní výstav v Čechách i v zahraničí. Publikoval např. v knihách Domy z meziprostoru, Naturalia - sbírky bez hranic, Forma následuje risk, František Bílek a kniha.

Michelle Adlerová

Photographer, Creative Director, Art Director, Ideamaker, Copywriter, Artist, Curator, Creative Consultant, Graphic Designer, Teacher, Member of the Art Group Pode Bal

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