Exhibition Project 1

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307VYP1 ZK 3 13S Czech summer

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Name of lecturer(s)

Learning outcomes of the course unit

Development of the exhibition collection

Mode of study

Consultations with the advisor.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

For the student to be permitted to sit the exam, they must submit the work in electronic form in TIFF format in printing resolution and as well, upload the exhibit collection to the Dept's webpage.

Course contents

The student completes an explication of the collection, which is presented to a selected instructor. Upon agreement by the instructor to advise the exhibit collection the student is obliged to announce their advisor and topic to the Photography Dept. secretary by the 1st of March at the latest.

The exhibit collection is the result of systematic work on a chosen topic with an obligatory minimum of 2 consultations during the development stage.

Task: (exercise 1P8)

Summer semester:

Systematic work on the exhibit collection, with obligatory consultations during the development phase.

The exhibit collection is understood as a collection of at least 8 photos which create a compact whole or present an unified idea. The number of photos may be fewer in justified cases, if the character or difficulty of the work requires it.

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Assessment methods and criteria

The exhibit collection is graded by the instructors commission.



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