Sound Direction of Film Music 3

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308DZR3 Z 2 12S Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The workshop graduates demonstrate the ability to execute music recording from the use of minimal microphone tehnology to challenging multi-microphone recording. They know how to proceed in recording and playback and is able to combine appropriate approaches and procedures in achieving the maximal interpretive and technical results. They are able to find their bearing in contemporary music recording trends.

Mode of study

Presentation and management of the assigned exercise.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Completion of music subject from the previous study.

Course contents

The „workshop“ at FAMU is time and space for detailed professional education. Instruction is a combination of classes and practicals guided, in principle, by important figures in the field.

The elective „Film Music Sound Directing Workshop“ is intended for students entering the Sound Design Dept. master's study, which significantly gravitates toward the implementation of the music part of sound element of an audio-visual piece. An extensive and developed interest in music recording and mixing focusing primarilyfor film music.

The workshop practical is devoted to an on-going acqaintance with recording issues and development, particularly, of studio music recordings of diverse genres. Students participate in recording real projects, in which they get the opportunity to try different types of recording and microphone placement, use of sound processes, etc. Some generated multi-track recordings have the potential for independent mixing according to one's own ideas about the resulting sound of the composition and that result is presented to the workshop lead for judgement.

Another form of exercise is the mixing of a prepared music recording with to the use in multi-channel audio-visual formats. Individual tracks of the exercise music recording is adjusted and mixed into a multi-channel music form to be used in an audio-visual piece. In particular, students are to be aware of the differences in mixing music for autonomous use and for use in and audio-visual piece. The students work under the guidance of the instructor in the Sound Design Dept. course workshop.

Recommended or required reading

Vlachý, V.: Praxe zvukové techniky -Muzikus 1995

Zamazal, V.: Hudební nástroje před mikrofonem - Supraphon 1975

Nahrané hudební snímky určené k mixážnímu zpracování

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded for presentation in instruction and for implementation of the assigned practical tasks.

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