Mentoring programme - M. Ulano and P. Mierzwa; individual consultations

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308MMPIK credit 1 25 hours (45 min) of instruction per semester, 6 to 11 hours of self-study English summer

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Thursday 09. 05. 2024


09:30 -13:30 INDIVIDUAL CONSULTATION over AV works in progress with mentoring lecturers, Hollywood sound engineers

Learning outcomes

This is a unique opportunity to learn about the inspiring views of prominent Hollywood sound designers on their own technical and artistic approaches to AV production.

Prerequisites and other requirements

Readiness of the AV work in progress for substantive consultation.


Patrushkha Mierzwa: Beneath the Boom Pole: The Art & Science of Boom Operating for Movies & TV (All Art is Technical: Sound for Motion Pictures and Television)

Patrushkha Mierzwa: Behind the Sound Cart: A Veteran's Guide to Sound on the Set (All Art is Technical: Sound for Motion Pictures and Television)

Evaluation methods and criteria

100% participation in the enrolled module, readiness for substantive consultation. Proof of participation by signing the attendance sheets.


ONLY FOR STUDENTS OF KZT FAMU, especially for MgA. students and MgA.

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