Practical Assignments 1

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308OCS1 Z 2 Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The aim of the exercise is the acquisition of experience in working with sound.

Mode of study

Conveyance of the practical experience of the instructor, discussion, creative activity.

On-going counsultations with the instructor.

Individual work on assigned exercises.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Completion of „Introduction to the Sound Trade, Sound Technique Practical.“

Course contents

A series of practical assignments to introduce students to the elementary tasks of a sound engineer and give them an opportunity to demonstrate their organisational and creative skills.

Recommended or required reading

Bláha, I. : Zvuková dramaturgie audiovizuálního díla. AMU, Praha 2006 (ISBN 80-7331-010-4)

Borwick, J.: Sound Recording Practice. Oxford University Press, Oxford 1994 (ISBN 0-19-816381-9)

Dickreiter, M. (2003): Mikrofon-Aufnahmetechnik. Hirzel Verlag, Stuttgart. (ISBN 3-7776-1199-9)

Huber, D. M. Williams, P. : Professional Microphone Techniques. Mix Books Emeryville. 1998 (ISBN 0-872886-85-9)

Kolmer, F. - Prostorová akustika SNTL 1984

Truax, B. : Acoustic Communication. Ablex Publishing, London 2001. (ISBN 1-56750-537-6)

Smetana, C. - Praktická elektroakustika (SNTL 1981)

Škvor, Z.- Akustika a elektroakustika (Academia 2001)

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on the commission evaluation of the submitted exercise and written explication.

The content and formality level of the explication is considered in the overall exercise grade.

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