Advanced Technology and Methods of Film Sound 1

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308PPTZ1 Z 1 2T Czech winter

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Jan ČENĚK, Viktor EKRT, Marek HART, Pavel REJHOLEC

Learning outcomes of the course unit

The course aim is to iacquaint students with contemporary issues of multi-channel final sound mixing of a feature-length film.

This course is linked to the course Sound Design in feature film and TV.

Mode of study

Contact instruction. Presentation of instructors experience in theory and practice. Discussion.

The presentation focus on multi-channel final mixing of a feature-length film sound.

The presentation is supplemented with occasional training practice in mixing in the Soundsquare and Studio Virtual studios.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Completion of „Sound Design in a Feature Film and TV“ and all Sound Design Dept. study courses in the bachelor's study.

Active approach to instruction, regular attendance.

Course contents

The presentation is focused particularly on the final mixing of the sound element of a feature film, creating the sound composition in the original intentions. The course continues „Sound Design for Feature Film and TV.“

  1. Mixing theory for a feature film
  2. The classic manner of mono and multi-channel Dolby mixing in analog technology
  3. Mixing on DAW
  4. Difference between the Mix-controller and the Mix-console
  5. Mixing a film in multi-channel analog format (Dolby)
  6. Mixing a film in multi-channel digital format 5.1 (Dolby Digital)
  7. Mastering the final mix on MOD Dolby
  8. International sound bands. (IT, FX+M, MP)
  9. Digital Cinema and sound.

Recommended or required reading

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded for 90% attendance of all class hours, aktive approach to instruction, regular attendance and completion of the final interview.

Schedule for winter semester 2019/2020:

room 323
Room No. 323

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Mon 12:20–13:55 Jan ČENĚK Room No. 323
Lažanský palác
lecture parallel1

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