Visual Expression and figural drawing 1

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309FIVE1 credit 3 3 hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 48 to 63 hours of self-study English winter

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Practice lessons of drawing and individual consultations on creative styles of animation exercises. Completion of some tasks in drawing will be given of homework.

Establishing and maintaining a drawing journal for studies at the Animation Dept. Figure studies according to a model and anatomy. Figure movement studies and in different environments (ballet, dance, etc.). Consultations on creative concept,stylization and the visual aspect of the animation exercises.

Learning outcomes

Instruction results:

Students in the course of figure drawing are introduced to anatomy, develop this in drawing of figures and figures in motion for use in drawn animation.

Based on individual consultations with the instructor on the production of their animated film, students form their own perspective on the dimension and use of creative stylizations in relation to animation techniques.

Prerequisites and other requirements

Mastering basic drawing; good practical experience with drawing figures and working with creative stylization. (Both are needed at the level necessary to be judged by the entrance board)


Laura Heit: Animation sketchbooks, Thames and Hudson 2013

Jurij Norštejn: Sníh na trávě, 2.díly, NAMU 2013

Evaluation methods and criteria

70% attendance at drawing classes, participation and interest in working on one's creative development and bearing in the field; open and high-quality communications.



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