English for Students of Theatre 2

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702DAOU2 ZK 3 2T English, Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The aim of the course is to consolidate and develop language skills (both receptive: reading and listening) and productive (speaking and writing)) while acquiring field-specific vocabulary related to theatre and various stages and aspects of theatric production.

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

Mode of study

Seminars are focused on building students' knowledge of film and film industry-related vocabulary. They also involve practising listening and reading comprehension skills and speaking skills (through partner and group discussions).

Study work load:

Seminars 26 hours

Preparation for seminars (Individual study) 26 hours

Writing assignment 3 hours

Preparation for final exam (individual study) 13hours

Total: 78 hours (1ECTS = 26 study hours)

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Approx. B1 level (based on the Common European Framework of Reference) at the start of the course.

Course contents

Week 1

Elements of Drama

Zero + first conditional, Future time clauses

Week 2

Theatre and Actors

Verbs + -ing / to ...

Week 3

Is Theatre Criticism in Crisis?

Word formation (nouns, adjectives, adverbs), prefixes, suffixes

Week 4

Theatre and Visual Storytelling

Relative clauses, which

Week 5

Learning a Language through Theatre

Second conditional

Week 6

Theatre and Literature

Have / get something done, -ed x -ing adjectives

Week 7

Writing a Theatre CV

Wish sentences

Week 8

Theatre and Improvisation

Linking words 1 – Reason, result, contrast

Week 9

Shakespeare’s (Lady) Macbeth

Modals used for deduction – may, might, can’t, must

Week 10

Is Talent a Myth?

Question tags, Reflexive pronouns

Week 11

Approaches to Dramatic Acting: Public Speaking

Phrasal verbs – separable, inseparable

Week 12

Theatre and Science

Linking words 2 – Either, or, instead (of), except, even...

Week 13

Presentation Skills 1

Reported speech

Week 14

Presentation Skills 2

Expressing purpose, expressions with make / do

Recommended or required reading

Online study materials (Moodle e-learning platform): https://moodle.amu.cz/course/view.php?id=697

Assessment methods and criteria

-final exam (approx. B1+). The exam has a form of oral presentation (40% of the final grade). For more information on the exam see online Moodle course.

Assessment scale:

• A = 100-90%

• B = 89-80%

• C = 79-73%

• D = 72-66%

• E = 65-60%

• F = 59% and less

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