English in the Music Industry 3

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Code Completion Credits Range Language Instruction Semester
702HAP3 credit 5 4 seminar hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 89 to 114 hours of self-study English, Czech winter

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Name of lecturer(s)

Klára BICANOVÁ, Robert HANČ, Cody Perk


Course schedule:

Week 1

(Tuesday 5 Oct) Communication Skills 1: Introduction

(Wednesday 6 Oct) Introduction to course

Week 2

(Tuesday 12 Oct) Communication Skills 2: The Most Common Communication Obstacles

(Wednesday 13 Oct) Arts Management

Week 3

(Tuesday 19 Oct) Communication Skills 3: The Most Basic Conversational Fixes

(Wednesday 20 Oct) Leadership Skills

Week 4

(Tuesday 26 Oct) Communication Skills 4: Establishing Rapport, pt. 1

(Wednesday 27 Oct) Arts Marketing

Week 5

(Tuesday 2 Nov) Communication Skills 5: Establishing Rapport, pt. 2

(Wednesday 3 Nov) Advertising

Week 6

(Tuesday 9 Nov) Communication Skills 6: Dealing with Difficult People, pt. 1

(Wednesday 10 Nov) Public Relations

Week 7

(Tuesday 16 Nov) Communication Skills 7: Dealing with Difficult People, pt. 2

(Wednesday 17 Nov) State Holiday – no class

Week 8

(Tuesday 23 Nov) Communication Skills 9: How to Create a Unique Personality in Business

(Wednesday 24 Nov) Legal issues I

Week 9

(Tuesday 30 Nov) Communication Skills 10: Effective Networking

(Wednesday 1 Dec) Legal issues II

Week 10

(Tuesday 7 Dec) Writing a Fundraising Letter 1

(Wednesday 8 Dec) Fundraising

Week 11

(Tuesday 14 Dec) Writing a Fundraising Letter 2

(Wednesday 15 Dec) Crowdfunding

Week 12

Reflections on the semester and feedback

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes:

Knowledge and understanding:

After finishing the course, the student:

Skills and abilities:

After finishing the course, the student:

Prerequisites and other requirements

Entry requirements and prerequisites:

702HAP2 English for the Music industry (for students of Music Management) or B1+ level for students of other programmes.


Required reading:

Recommended reading:

Evaluation methods and criteria

Assessment components (min. 60% to pass):

Please note that the required attendance is 70%.

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Schedule for winter semester 2023/2024:

room TR1-4024
Učebna 4024 (HAMU-Tržiště 18)

(Tržiště 18, Praha 1)
Perk C.
room 0219
Room 219

(Tržiště 20, Praha 1 (vchod z Rektorátu AMU, Malostranské nám. 12))

Date Day Time Tutor Location Notes No. of paralel
Tue 13:40–15:10 Cody Perk Učebna 4024 (HAMU-Tržiště 18)
Tržiště 18, Praha 1
Wed 14:15–15:45 Klára BICANOVÁ
Robert HANČ
Room 219
Tržiště 20, Praha 1 (vchod z Rektorátu AMU, Malostranské nám. 12)

Schedule for summer semester 2023/2024:

The schedule has not yet been prepared

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