Acrobatics 2

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703AKH2 ZK 2 4T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Development of basic skills in nimbleness exercises and instruction in more difficult exercises.

Mode of study

Regular weekly instruction

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Completion of 703AKH1

Course contents

Continuing to learn basic exercises in acrobatics, fighting exercises, and eccentrics

Recommended or required reading

Barba, Eugenio- Savarese, Nicola. Slovník divadelní antropologie, o skrytém umění herců. Divadelní ústav, 2000

Cihlář, Ondřej. Nový cirkus. Pražská scéna, 2006

Reidinger, Jiří Bilbo. Když bolí úsměv. AMU, 2008

Rémy,Tristan. Klauniády. Orbis, 1968

Assessment methods and criteria


a) walking on hands (6 steps), somersault

b) from tuck to laying on back, upswing.

c) salto

d) etude using three selected elements (except somersault).

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