Acrobatics 4

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703AKH4 ZK 2 2T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Use of selected exercises and combinations of movement etudes.

Mode of study

Regular weekly instruction

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Knowledge from the previous courses (703AKH 1-3) is required.

Course contents

Continuation of learning acrobatics, fighting techniques, and eccentricities offers a deepening of the education, combination of exercises, and their practical use. Emphasis is given to the form in exercising, and the possibility of practical use.

somersaults, flips and break.

Exercises in pairs and groups.

Fighting techniques- connection of falls, kicks, covers and hits in short combinations.

Exccentricity- indepen etudes.

Safety and methodology of exercisses is taught throughout.

Recommended or required reading

Barba, Eugenio- Savarese, Nicola. Slovník divadelní antropologie, o skrytém umění herců. Divadelní ústav, 2000

Cihlář, Ondřej. Nový cirkus. Pražská scéna, 2006

Reidinger, Jiří Bilbo. Když bolí úsměv. AMU, 2008

Rémy,Tristan. Klauniády. Orbis, 1968

Assessment methods and criteria

Completion with an exam.

a)Stand on the hands, turn during handstand, cradle, „inchworm“ backward, crouch vault, neckspring.

b)Cartwheel on the spot and on a high mat.

c)Handspring with head support (men), walkover (girls).

d)Etude-three acrobaticc units in etude on a given topic.

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