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703PKD Z 1 KURZ Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Introduction of students and instructors of both branches of DAMU to the beautiful environs of the Zlatá Koruna convent.

Mode of study

10-day course.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

No requirements.

Course contents

This course consists of a short stay in UVS Ponesice, boating down the Vltava River from Vyssi Brod to Borsov, and working with teachers of the main field of study, movement, voice education, and singing in the monastery of Zlata Koruna.

The course is designed for the mutual meeting of teachers and students of the beginning, first year of KCD and KALD. The basic program has a three-day stay at Zlata Koruna, for voice and movement exercises, singing, etc.

Recommended or required reading

Watkins, David- Dalalová, Meile. Táboření a turistika. Mladé letá SNP, 1995

Špaček Ota- Mrzena, Vladislav- Vít, Zdeněk. Jedeme na vodu. Mladá fronta, 1990

Štemprok, Karel. Vodní turistika. Olympia, 1975

Assessment methods and criteria

Completion is credit based on attendance.

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