Film, Television, Photography, and New Media (P8204)

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PhD Programme 3 years Czech

Since this programme is designed for Czech-speaking students an English description is not available.

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Programme objectives

Profile of a programme graduate

Rules and requirements for creating study plans

Studies are assessed by credits and examinations stipulated by an individual study plan.

Credit is an ungraded form of assessment of studies. It is allocated upon fulfilment of obligations stipulated for individual subjects and is recorded in the doctoral study records or the information system with the word ?Credited? (Z).

An examination is a graded form of assessment of studies, which tests knowledge and level of creativity in the relevant subject. It may be practical, written, oral or a combination of the above.

It is graded with the words ?pass? ? ?fail? and is recorded in the doctoral study records or the information system.

General information about admission process

The prerequisites for admission to the doctoral studies programme are due completion of studies in a Master?s study programme and the earning of the academic title of MgA/Mgr., with an admissions examination taking the form of an oral interview concerning the presented project for doctoral studies before the admissions committee. The dean rules on admission of the applicant to a Doctoral study programme on the basis of the recommendation of the admissions committee. The final authority in the admissions procedure is the rector. His/her decision is final.

The specific admissions requirements are published on line at the website

Electronic student application form:

Applicability to other types of academic programmes

Parts of the state final examination and their contents

The oral defence of a dissertation is public. A precondition for the holding of an oral dissertation defence is the fulfilment of the requirements of the individual study plan for the doctoral study programme, including the submission of the dissertation with all required formalities. The result of the oral defence is also announced in public by the chairman of the committee for the state doctoral examination. If the result of the oral defence is negative, the Dean shall notify the student in writing of the committee?s decision. In accordance with its conclusions, the committee shall state in the decision the conditions under which the oral defence may be held again. The student may request an oral defence of the revised dissertation within five months to one year of the unsuccessful oral defence. The oral defence may only be repeated once. A successful oral defence is a necessary precondition for the conducting of a state final examination.

The state doctoral examination is held in public. The precondition for conducting a state doctoral examination is the fulfilment of the individual study plan for the doctoral study programme, the submission of a dissertation with all required formalities, and its successful oral defence.

The student registers in writing for the defence of a dissertation and for the state doctoral examination.

The committee for the oral defence and the state doctoral examination and its chairman are appointed by the dean at the suggestion of the subject committee. Committees shall have at least five members. Eligible for appointment as committee members are professors, associate professors and experts approved by the faculty?s artistic council. At least one committee member must be from a department outside of the faculty. The supervisor participates at the oral defence and examination as an auxiliary committee member in an advisory capacity. The thesis of the dissertation must be available to committee members at least ten days in advance of the oral defence.

The result of the oral defence is evaluated with the words ?successful defence? or ?unsuccessful defence?, and the result of a doctoral examination is evaluated with the words ?pass? or ?fail?. The committee for a state doctoral examination deliberates on the results in a closed meeting.

A state doctoral examination may be repeated only once.

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