Theoretical Foundation (Bc) - required elective for the 3rd year of studies

Code Course Name Language Instruction Schedule Completion Credits Range Semester
108HPI1 Historically Educated Interpretation 1 Czech Z 1 1PT+1ST winter
108HPI2 Historically Educated Interpretation 2 Czech see detail ZK 1 1PT+1ST summer
108HK1 Music Criticism 1 Czech Z 1 1PT+1ST winter
108HK2 Music Criticism 2 Czech Thu
Učebna 2017
ZK 1 1PT+1ST summer
108HD1 Music Dramaturgy 1 Czech Z 1 1PT+1ST winter
108HD2 Music Dramaturgy 2 Czech Tue
Učebna 2057
ZK 1 1PT+1ST summer