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306FC zápočet 10 260 hodiny CVIČENÍ za celý semestr (45 minut), 55 až 105 hodin domácí příprava anglicky letní

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The aim of this group exercise from the Montage is practical use of theory knowledge acquired during study, and furthermore the acquisition and development of fundamental professional habits in working with foreign directors and other collaborators during filmmaking.

Students should be able to demonstrate their ability to compose an engaging and understandable short film that will attest to their ability to work on larger films in the future. As with film storytellers in the working world, students should be able to properly complete tasks on time, to make proper judgments regarding realization of their ideas, and to appropriately manage the time of their co-workers, both in pre-production, on-set and especially in post-production.

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A basic knowledge of editing theory is required.

Final project CDM - rough footage.

Hodnoticí metody a kritéria

Before the realization of this project, students are expected to understand editing technology, and the core of film language to a Master extent, so that their time in the editing room can be employed for more in-depth and exploratory decisions.



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