Directing Tutorial 3

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311DTU3 Z 4 4T anglicky zimní

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By the end of the course students will:

-develop an idea and a concept of the story for the realistic three-act story (Short Fiction exercise)

-Documentary project - learn how to develop an idea, conclude the research and write the treatment and script of the documentary project.

-Atelier exercise - learn how to adapt and interpret the existing script and prepare it for shooting within the conditions given by the pre-defined set built in a film studio

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This class will work to help directors approach the script/story development process from a conceptual

and critical approach aimed towards developing a script with a specific directorial plan.

Students adopt film expression skills, acquire a directing skill which will enable them to compete in the AV world and acquire information necessary for the successful execution of their exercises.

A student selects the work on the atelier exercise or the documentary project.

Atelier exercise is based on the preset script, which student adapts, and is shot in the pre-defined set built in film studio.

The documentary project is based on the original student's idea.

Students develop an Idea and initial story outline for short fiction project, which they will be working on in spring semester.

Doporučená nebo povinná literatura

ARIJON, Daniel. Grammar of the film language. First edition. Los Angeles: Silman-James Press, 1991. 624 s. ISBN 1-879505-07-X.

KATZ, Steven D (Steven Douglas). Film directing shot by shot: visualizing from concept to screen. [1st ed.]. Studio City, CA: Michael Wiese Productions in conjunction with Focal Press, 1991. xi, 366 s. ISBN 0-941188-10-8.

NICHOLS, Bill. Introduction to documentary. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2017. xvi, 258 s.

Hodnoticí metody a kritéria

Minimum required attendance to the class is + 70%

Pass grade is based on the the active participation in guided and non-guided discussions, Idea presentations and Directors pitch.

The course grade will be calculated as follows:

Documentary project:

Attendance of the classes - 30%

Idea presentation- 30%

Directors pitch - 30%

Idea presentation - in the week 2-3 of the course, a student presents the idea and the concept of the project to Mentor and guest teacher from FI faculty

Director´s pitch - In week 4-5 of the course, a student presents the story outline to Mentor and guest teacher from FI faculty.

Atelier exercise:

Attendance of the classes - 30%

Directors pitch - 60%

Director´s pitch - a student presents the project and its directing interpretation to the mentor and panel of teachers from the faculty. The dates of the presentation vary according to the production schedule at studio FAMU.

All students:

Short fiction - Idea presentation - 10%

Idea presentation - in the week 2-3 of the course, students present the idea and the concept of the spring semester project Short Fiction to Mentor and guest teacher from FI faculty.



Rozvrh na zimní semestr 2021/2022:

místnost 233
Učebna 4 (FAMU)

(Lažanský palác)
(paralelka 1)

Datum Den Čas Vyučující Místo Poznámky Č. paralelky
St 14:00–17:15 Radim PROCHÁZKA Učebna 4 (FAMU)
Lažanský palác
paralelka 1

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