Tools of Directing Documentary 2

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311TDD2 Z 2 2 hodiny výuky týdně (45 minut), 29 až 39 hodin domácí příprava anglicky letní

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The advanced course Tools of Directing Documentary 2 focuses on the analysis of documentary cinema by acknowledged independent directors, whose original contemporary works have been presented in the documentary festival circuit.

Not representing the mainstream approach to documentary, but rather investigating important issues and exploring complex forms, their films inspire the students by challenging their perspective on „what is independent documentary cinema nowadays“, in its variety of forms.

Going beyond the classical modes of documentary, the course explores the panorama of filmmakers who stood out for their talent in approaching new topics, and brave choices of representation, often characterized by a high degree of ambiguity and arguably success.

The goal is to reflect on the relationship between form and subject, in terms of cinematic language, experimentation with the form, always raising disputable questions about authenticity, stylization and topic choice.

How to distinguish a relevant topic? How to approach it possibly in a new form?

Is the chosen form appropriate to the subject? On which elements did the author fail/succeed?

The selection of films aims to present controversial works, whose impact and degree of success is disputable.

In this more difficult field of representation Tools of Directing Documentary 2 searches to raise awareness and discussion on the contemporary documentary scenario.

Forma studia

Active discussion in class after the screening of selected scenes or short films.

Analytical and practical discussion of film form, topic exposition, structure, and camera style.

Deconstruction of documentary scenes from the point of view of the author.

Předpoklady a další požadavky

Previously acquired knowledge in documentary making.

Preferably completion of Tools of Documentary Directing 1.

Obsah kurzu

The list of documentaries is going to be given on a weekly base prior to the class.

Larger exposure to short films.

Doporučená nebo povinná literatura

Guy Gauthier - Le documentarie un autre cinéma

Bill Nichols - Introduction to documentary

Bill Nichols - Representing Reality: Issues and Concepts in Documentary

Hodnoticí metody a kritéria

Conditions to successful completion are active participation to discussions, attendance (max 3 absences) and a written essay of minimum 2 pages (1800 characters per page) on one or more documentaries presented during the course. Focusing on the analysis a few scenes is strongly recommended. No synopsis or mere description of the scene.


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