Thesis Seminar

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Kód Zakončení Kredity Rozsah Jazyk výuky Semestr
311TS Z 2 12 hodiny výuky za celý semestr (45 minut), 41 až 51 hodin domácí příprava anglicky letní

Garant předmětu

Jméno vyučujícího (jména vyučujících)

Výsledky učení dané vzdělávací složky

•To understand basic requirements for completion of master degree thesis at FAMU

•To understand methodologies for thesis research and development

•To determine topic for thesis and approach to its development

•To begin research on chosen topic

Forma studia

Discussion, lecture, in-class research and exercises.

Předpoklady a další požadavky

Experience with writing academic papers; excellent knowledge of academic English.

Obsah kurzu

This seminar is meant to help the students understand all requirements toward completion of the Master degree thesis, and to know how to structure the work's content. At each session, students will be asked to pitch possible topics for theses, to brainstorm on topics and discuss possible development of these topics together. In addition, classes will focus on particular aspects of thesis development. Regular assignments are made to keep students exploring their topic and a detailed outline of the thesis is expected by the end of the course.

Doporučená nebo povinná literatura

•Previous successfully defended theses written by students from the department

•Hofstee, E. (2006). Constructing a Good Dissertation. Exactica. (selected chapters, distributed online).

•Eubanks, P. & Schaeffer, D. (2008). A Kind Word for Bullshit. College Composition and Communication. 59(3):372-388. Available at:

•Individual readings, according to topic of thesis.

Hodnoticí metody a kritéria

Active attendance and the completion of all assignments:

outline of A Kind Word For Bullshit

reports on 2 CDM theses read (one oral, one written),

pitching possible topics,

report from consulting with two professors,

reference list of sources in correct bibliographic form,

preliminary extended outline

Course is on pass/fail basis. Credit is given when detailed outline and reference list is submitted at end of semester, due 8.12, revisions 30.1. Student must have, without exception, a minimum of 70% attendance to receive credit (more is expected).



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