Visual Theory

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311VT zkouška 3 2 hodiny výuky týdně (45 minut), 54 až 69 hodin domácí příprava anglicky letní

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The class will have a structure of an open seminar, where themes will not only be presented, but also reflected and discussed. Visual Theory should be an invitation to a thorough reflection of power of the visual language mankind formed, adopted or forgotten. Classes will require student´s engagement and enthusiasm to discuss about themes, whilst being encouraged to bring out their own examples of the topics presented on screen. Visual Theory II should inspire students to enrich their own creative process of the context in which their work is being created, whilst also provide an exercise in their possibility to think and talk about it in a more refined manner. The attendance, mental presence, will to learn, reflect and discuss presented themes is essential for finishing this class successfully.

Výsledky učení

The goal of Visual Theory is to present an essential and eventually advanced mechanism of visual storytelling which significantly shaped the development of the history of mankind and influenced our cultures in many different ways. Students will be confronted with various artworks (photography, visual arts, films etc.) and will be able to compare several approaches in a multitude of mediums. Through presentations, examples and discussions, students will be able to enhance their capabilities in imaginative processes and visual languages applicable on their future art projects realized at FAMU.

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Open only to degree students.

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Hodnoticí metody a kritéria

Regular attendance is as essential as the student´s enthusiasm to learn, reflect and discuss. Each semester students will have small personal presentations, where they will show their abilities to address different forms of visual language and they will be given the opportunity to talk about visual art of their personal preference. There will be a written essay at the end of the semester, where students will be asked to apply approaches learned at the class and present their capabilities to understand and reflect visual information in a certain context.



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