Stage Design in Alternative and Puppet Theatre (8203R062)

bachelor's programme qualification

General information about admission process

Completion of an entrance examination consisting of two rounds, the first of which is an eliminative round.

The entrance examination consists of a theoretical part and a talent part.

In the talent examination, the candidate presents a set of creative homework assignments or proposals for the theatre, using puppets or objects. The ability to perceive contemporary „cultural hubs“ and dramatic situations is assessed, together with the ability of adequate creative articulation. Distinctive expressive ability in drawing, painting and other artistic techniques as a method of communication. Manual dexterity. Demonstrable interest in cultural developments in history and at present with special emphasis on theatre and fine arts. Collective collaborative ability.

The most important criterion for admission is successful completion of the talent part of the entrance examination.

Specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning

The programme does not have any specific requirements for the recognition of prior learning.

The procedure for recognition at AMU is governed by Articles 89 and 90 of the Act on Higher Education Institutions No. 111/1998 Coll., as amended, and by the AMU Attendance and Examination Regulations (Articles 8, 14, 18).

Qualification requirements and regulations

A completed secondary or completed secondary vocational education with a matura examination. Exceptionally (in the case of significant talent) it is possible to admit a candidate conditionally (with the requirement to complete the secondary education with a successful matura examination during the Bachelor`s programme).

Regulations: The Czech education system is governed by the Act on Higher Education Institutions, as amended (Act No. 111/1998 Coll.), and by the internal regulations of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

Field of study characterization

Stage design is a component of a theatrical production which can be variously integrated into the hierarchy of other components. In the kind theatre on which we focus in the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre (i.e. in puppet theatre and its derived mutations), the visual component is essential because it creates meaning. Essential does not mean unequivocally dominant, however. The field of stage design encompasses all visualisation elements, i.e. the creation of space, the puppet, the mask, the costume, accoutrements, etc.

It thus involves the preparation of material for (specialised) acting work. The purpose of the education in the course of the Bachelor`s programme in stage design of alternative and puppet theatre is on the one hand to teach students to accept the dependence on other components, and on the other hand to produce new inspirational solutions and points of departure. Here, we strengthen the continuity with modern visual art and its new forms in time and space.

Key learning outcomes

The goal of the Bachelor`s programme is to develop the creative, psychosomatic and epistemic layers of theatrical creation, which makes use of diverse alternative approaches in close and persistent interaction between the acting, directing, stage design, dramaturgy, music and other components in the complex of theatrical creation. The graduate is acquainted with all types of problems which he/she may encounter later in his/her own work - from puppet theatre to various interdisciplinary projects.

The graduate is capable of orienting himself/herself in the possibilities of the field, and of deciding what direction to pursue in his/her artistic search.

Occupational profiles of graduates with examples

A graduate of the Bachelor`s programme is prepared to work in a creative team and perform the artistic tasks which accompany modern theatrical practice in theatres of a puppet or alternative orientation with crossover to other theatrical genres including contemporary types of experimental performances. He/she is also capable or authorially realising puppets, masks, etc.

Access to further studies

A continuing Master`s programme in the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre or in the Department of Dramatic Theatre at DAMU, or at related schools in the Czech Republic and abroad. In special cases, it is possible for a graduate to continue his/her studies at art schools (Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague; Academy of Fine Arts in Prague) or in the field of audio-visual studies at FAMU - based on the specific profile of an individual graduate.

Examination regulations, assessment and grading

Studies are assessed by credits and examinations stipulated by study plans. The student is informed of these through the information system. The student registers for examinations using the information system, and is entitled to a second and third attempt to pass an examination. If neither of these attempts proves successful, the Dean may in exceptional cases permit a fourth attempt (administered by a commission). It is not permitted to repeat an examination for the main subjects or to repeat written examinations.

The credit is an ungraded form of assessment of studies. It is allocated upon fulfilment of requirements stipulated for individual subjects and is recorded in the information system with the word „Credited“ (Z). An examination is a graded form of assessment of studies, which tests knowledge and level of creativity in the relevant subjects. In the main subjects, examinations are administered by a commission. Examinations are graded on the scale „A, B, C, D, E, F“.

Graduation requirements

Mode of study


Qualification director or equivalent


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