Historical Study Composition 3

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101HK3 Z 3 1T Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Expanding student composition technique skills in historical techniques and styles as a necessary skill of the composer and part of an education in composition.

Mode of study

Exercise - 1 hour per week

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Experience in the composition of minor historical forms. Knowledge from the previous semester.

Course contents

a) mastering vocal counterpoint technique and forms to the motet - madrigal level

b) mastering instrumental counterpoint technique and forms of Baroque music (fugue, suite, aria, prelude)

c) mastering classical technique and form (ex: minuet, sonata)

d) study of other styles (ex: The Romantic, medieval forms and techniques)

Recommended or required reading

Fux, Johann Joseph: Die Lehre vom Kontrapunkt (Gradus ad Parnassum, 2. kniha, 1.-3. cvičení). Hermann Molck Verlag, Celle 1938.

Janeček, Karel: Skladatelská práce v oblasti klasické harmonie. Academia, Praha 1973.

Jeppesen, Knud: Kontrapunkt. Breitkopf u. Härtel, Leipzig 1956.

Hůla, Zdeněk: Nauka o kontrapunktu I. Vokální polyfonie. SNKLHU, Praha 1958, II. Instrumentální polyfonie. SHV Praha 1965.

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit - style purity and composition technique of the completed study are assessed as well as the method of work.

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