Composition 1

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101SL1 Z 5 2T Czech winter

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Name of lecturer(s)

Hanuš BARTOŇ, Jan DUŠEK, Juraj FILAS, Slavomír HOŘÍNKA, Ivan KURZ, Luboš MRKVIČKA, Michal NEJTEK, Michal RATAJ, Jan TROJAN

Learning outcomes of the course unit

Development of composing techniques. Guiding students to independent composition considerations. Development of music imagination and ability to put one's music ideas and composition concepts into musical notation.

Mode of study

Individual student classes with the main study instructor.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Ability in independent and conceptually clear compositional thinking and formulation of one's ideas for a interpretatively comprehendible report. Coherent and systematic bearing in contemporary music events.

Course contents

In the first year of study the students in principle, are devoted to small forms for solo instruments or smaller chamber ensembles. This depends upon the to date preparations and achieved technique at the college level.

Recommended or required reading

Study of important 20th century works and works of contemporary composers according to the intentions of the students and relation to the current composition assignments.

Assessment methods and criteria

achieved results, systematic work. Credit.



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