Choir Conducting 1

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102DS1 Z 2 1T Czech winter

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Jaroslav BRYCH

Name of lecturer(s)

Jaroslav BRYCH

Learning outcomes of the course unit

The task of this course is the mastery of basic issues of choral interpretation in relation to the requirements of modern creative methods and the acquisition of experience in working with a choral body.

Mode of study

Choir conducting

Prerequisites and co-requisites


Course contents

Study and conducting Renaissance (Palestrina, Lasso, Vittoria) and Romance (Mendelssohn, Schumann, Brahms) compositions and selected works in Czech music (Dvořák, Moravské Dvojypěvy, V Přírodě: Foerster: Oblačný Pták), appropriate for a chamber ensemble. Study and conducting of more challenging ensemble compositions with regards to important contemporary works (Eben, Lukáš, etc.)

Recommended or required reading

Study literature: See course curriculum.

Assessment methods and criteria

Repertoire preparation.



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