Concert Practical 2 - Keyboard instruments

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

In Concert practice students confirm their performance skills acquired in individual instruction classes on the concert stage before the general public. The program content originates in the studied repertoire according to the study plan of the individual study year and is possibly supplemented by necessary repertoire for national or international competitions, etc.

Mode of study

Artistic performance on the concert stage.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

No knowledge requirements necessary.

Course contents

The concert practice originates in the study content of the main study with a view to the aim of the study in a given study year (ex: preparations for various competitions).

This course serves as a practical and psychological preparation for a full-length evening performance corresponding to the study plan which comes from six style periods in various study years, repertoire from the pre-classical to modern music periods. This concert is a Half-recital in the 2nd study year and full-length concert in following study years.

Recommended or required reading

The concert program comes from the individual study plan for each study year possibly supplemented by necessary program requirements to participate in national or international contests, etc.

Assessment methods and criteria

Successful execution of the Half-recital program in the 2nd year of Bachelor's study, recital in the 1st year of master's study and the graduation concert in the final year of the bachelor's and master's study. The recital program may be supplemented by performing Chamber music works.


Concert dates are arranged through the Concert Dept. of the Music Faculty.

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