Organ Playing 2

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104VAR2 ZK 14 2T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Intensification and broadening of acquired instrument skills in style and expression. A fundamental broadening and supplementing of the repertoire from all style periods, from the Renaissance to contemporary composers. Introduction to the advanced school study system. Preparations for the semester exam and the exam before the deans commission at the end of the Summer semester.

Mode of study

contact instruction

Prerequisites and co-requisites


Course contents

Minimum program: 2 composition from the 17th century, 2 important works by J.S.Bach, 2 Romance compositions, 2 20th century compositions.

In all study years there is a gradual demand for greater expressive and technical maturity with consideration of their individual abilities.

Recommended or required reading

J.P.Sweelinck and the North German School: N.Bruhns, V.Lübeck, D.Buxtehude, G.Böhm etc.

G.Frescobaldi and the South German School: J.J.Froberger, J.K. Kerll, G.Muffat, J.Pachelbel etc.

French Baroque Music - F.Couperin, L.N.Clérambault, N.Grigny etc.

J.S.Bach, F.Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, R.Schumann, J.Brahms, F.Liszt, J.Reubke, M.Reger - P.Hindemith, A.Schönberg, César Franck, C.Saint-Saëns,

A.Guilmant, Ch.M.Widor., L.Vierne, M.Dupré, J.Alain, O.Messiaen, M.Duruflé, J.Langlais, G.Litaize - J.Klička, F.Musil, B.A.Wiedermann, L.Janáček,

B.Martinů, M.Kabeláč, K.Slavický, M.Sokola, J.Hanuš, P.Eben, Z.Pololáník, M.Kopelent, M.Slavický, J.Teml etc.

Concert and solo compositions with an orchestra: G.F.Händel, F.X.Brixi, J.Stamic, K.B.Kopřiva, J.Ch.Bach, C.P.E.Bach, E.M.Bossi, J.Rheinberger, J.Klička, F.Poulenc, P.Hindemith, M.Dupré, M.Kabeláč, E.Suchoň, J.Reinberger, J.Teml etc.

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on successful completion of the study plan for individual study years and performance of the obligatory faculty concert.



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