Didactics/Teaching Practical of Tuba 2

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106DPTU2 ZK 1 1T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The course is for methodic practice and explanation of all tuba playing issues. It covers fingering technique, performance concepts, literature and activities with young beginning oboe players.

  1. Proper fingering technique method
  2. Explanation of peformance concepts from the methodic practice aspect.
  3. Literature for tuba divided for individual school levels and pupil proficiency
  4. Methodic activities with beginning pupils with varying levels of talent.

Mode of study

contact instruction

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Instrument skills at the corresponding level to the study year, student profile and sufficient music repertoire.

Course contents

The didactics are tied to all instructional procedures including the specification of methodological outputs and the quality of outputs in interpretive fields.This course prepares students for the education track at middle schools, conservatories or music schools. It also helps student understand the principles of playing the tuba. This course is a method practice of issues in proper fingering technique, performance and literature. The student is provided with practice with a student who has just started playing the instrument. Fingering technique is demonstrated in simple etudes and through a presentation of how to properly proceed in practicing or removing problems. A significant part of the course is performance potential and a look at the potential to properly achieve it in various genres and styles. Methodology is part of the course where the student methodically guides a student either beginning on the tuba or has achieved various levels of playing.

Recommended or required reading

Hoza, Václav : Škola hry na tubu- metodická část

Assessment methods and criteria

Initiative and creativity of approach are assessed.

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Students acquire necessary information in the didactics of the relevant study. This may expand the instruction capabilities of the teacher.

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