Flute Playing 5

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106FL5 Z 11 2T Czech winter

Subject guarantor

Radomír PIVODA, Jiří VÁLEK

Name of lecturer(s)

Mario MESANY, Radomír PIVODA, Jiří VÁLEK

Learning outcomes of the course unit

Fingering technique, intonation, rhythm feeling, tone and breathing quality and interpretation imagination are instructed using the most difficult etudes. Recital pieces are oriented towards the pivotal flute repertoire.

  1. The most difficult etudes in technical, embouchure, rhythm and breathing aspects. Precise intonation and technique is given attention - Jeanjean, Tomaszewski, Tillmetz
  2. Tone release quality checking and improving staccato.
  3. Pivotal clarinet recital repertoire pieces - Martinů, Migot, Benda, Haendel, Quantz, Richter, Rivier, Andersen, Casella, Honegger.

Mode of study

Individual contact instruction

Prerequisites and co-requisites


Course contents

The flute is an instrument of many music groups. This course provides students with all skills needed for playing the flute. The course guides the student to the final bachelor's course. All student work is linked to toward the Bachelor graduation concert and the Bachelor's thesis. Appropriate topics and repretoire are searched for. To place the greatest technical demands on the student, etudes with the most difficult technical, embouchure and breathing aspects - Jeanjean, Tomaszewski, Tillmetz. Students achieve refined fingering technique with the potential for holding any type of tone. The tone quality must fulfill requirements of compositions of all style periods. The intonation level must bear the most challenging requirements. One's personal approach is required. The course repertoire reflects the interests of the students and becomes their business care. It is necessary to go through pivotal flute repertoire - Martinů, Migot, Benda, Haendel, Quantz, Richter, Rivier, Andersen, Casella, Honegger. It is good if the dissertation originates from a topic near to the interests of the student and enables the broadest and highest quality. Double-staccato in instructed with all students.

Recommended or required reading

Joh. Sebastian Bach Partita pro flétnu solo

Ervín Schulhoff Sonáta pro flétnu a klavír

Henri Dutilleux Sonatine pour Flute et Piano

Sergej Prokofjev Sonáta pro flétnu a klavír

Taffanel- Gaubert Kadence ke koncertům G dur a D dur W. A. Mozarta

Antonio Vivaldi Koncerty pro flétnu

W. A. Mozart Koncert pro flétnu a harfu

Karl Stamitz Koncert G dur

Václav Riedelbauch In memoriam - fl. a kl.

Cecile Chaminade Concertino op. 107

Edgard Varese Density 21.5

Franz Doppler Fantaisie Pastorale Hongroise

Assessment methods and criteria

Assessment of instrument and orchestra playing. Fulfillment of the established repertoire.

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Instructors manage the alternation of individual orchestra parts according to composer notes.

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