Flute Playing 8

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106FLE8 ZK 14 2T Czech summer

Subject guarantor

Radomír PIVODA

Name of lecturer(s)

Mario MESANY, Radomír PIVODA, Jiří VÁLEK

Learning outcomes of the course unit

The course starts with the most demanding requirements for student training. Compositions are chosing to be the most challenging in techical and interpretation aspects. Emphasis is placed on precise fingering technique, intonation, rhythm, tone and breathing quality. Non-traditional and modern techniques are instructed.

  1. Repertoire is selected for internation competitions taking place during the period.
  2. Recital pieces -Tomasi, Burghauser, Šestak, Boutry, Quantz, Bozza.
  3. For those, who are interested in contemporary and experimental music, and the other new possibilities in technique and multi-phonic, frullato, etc are instructed.

Mode of study

Individual contact instruction

Prerequisites and co-requisites


Course contents

This course works with the student as a distinctive music figure, who has no apparent issues in playing the instrument. The student has an excellent playing technique, tone quality, intonation and performing skills. These are the requirements to withstand competition in the soloist, chamber and orchestral fields. This course continues the set path from the previous course and mainly in one's creative activity, excellent flute technique, tone quality, intonation, moving towards „the perfect form.“ The aim is the highest level of mastery of the most compositions for the flute. International competitions are a good guide for composition selection. However, compositions by Tomasi, Burghauser, Šesták, Boutry, Quantz, Bozza are not neglected. The inclination of some students towards performance of contemporary compositions and experimentors with the instrument is accepted. This orientation may be for many their life's mission. Others who do not share this focus are also guided in an acquaintance of some of those modern approaches such as multiphonics, circular breathing, frulato, etc.

Recommended or required reading

Henri Tomasi Sonatine pour flute seul

Jarmil Burghauser Deset skic pro flétnu sólo

Zdeněk Šesták Tre Metamorfosi per flauto

Roger Boutry Concertino pour Flute et Piano

Johann Joachim Quantz Koncert G dur

Eugene Bozza Agrestide pour Flute et Piano

Assessment methods and criteria

Assessment of instrument and orchestra playing. Fulfillment of the established repertoire.

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Instructors manage the alternation of individual orchestra parts according to composer notes.

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