Flute Playing 9

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106FLE9 Z 17 2T Czech winter

Subject guarantor

Radomír PIVODA

Name of lecturer(s)

Mario MESANY, Radomír PIVODA, Jiří VÁLEK

Learning outcomes of the course unit

This course enhances the personality of the student. A way to prepare them is sought for their future track as a soloist or chamber musician or possibly orchestra musician or teaching career. Student viewpoints are compared to those of the instructors and directed to the proper or possible level. An emphasis is place on the efforts towards a personal concept of the dramaturgy of a concert. The compositions present the highest level of challenge in all aspects of flute playing. These compositions are the touchstone of all prominent flute soloists. Instruction continues in modern and non-traditional techniques.

  1. Compositions of Kapr, Benda, Messiaen, Popp, Kabeláč, Doppler, Novák, Jolivet.
  2. Compositions for international competitions
  3. Instruction in modern and non-traditional techniques.

Mode of study

Individual contact instruction

Prerequisites and co-requisites


Course contents

Flute 9 is oriented towards preparations for the Master's graduation concert and the Master's thesis. An appropriate repertoire and topic are sought. Considering that the graduation concert is not only the calling card of the instructor, the student is guided to independent decisions about what the dramaturgy of the concert is to contain. This decision must be supported by a knowledge of dramaturgy, thought which links the entire evening. This course gives the student the opportunity to select their own concept. Similarly in the thesis, the students interest in some of the topics is reflected. The guides the student to their independent original path awaiting them after leaving school. The student is prepare for an independent career. Their viewpionts are compared to those of the professor and directed to the proper or potential area. This course works with the student as a prominent musician who has no evident issues in playing. They have a high technique level, tone quality, intonation and peformance skills. These are requirements to stand up to competition in the soloist, chamber and orchestra music fields. This course continues the set path of the previous course of creative activity, very good flute technique, tone quality, intonation, and shifts toward the „perfect form“. The aim is to master at the highest level the greatest number of compositions for flute. International competitions are a good guide for selecting compositions. Compositions of Kapr, Benda, Messiaen, Popp, Kabeláč, Doppler, Novák, Jolivet may be placed into instruction but are not necessarily used in the graduation concert.

Recommended or required reading

Jan Kapr Koncertní variace

František Benda Koncert e moll

Olivier Messiaen Le Merle Noir pour Flute et piano

Wilh. Popp Schwedisches concert op. 266

Miloslav Kabeláč Lamenti e Risolini

Franz Doppler Mazurka de Salon

Jan Novák Preludio e fuga in Do

Andre Jolivet Cinq Incantations pour Flute

Assessment methods and criteria

Assessment of instrument and orchestral playing. Fulfillment of the established repertoire.

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Not established. Instructors use opportunities to observe students in their orchestras.

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