Oboe Playing 3

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106HO3 Z 8 2T Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

All new acquired knowledge about playing technique, intonation, rhythm, proper breathing and performance are consolidated using demanding etudes and compositions of the late Classic.

1a Proper tongue use

b Attention is given to staccato speed

c Instruction in refinement and facility in setting. If deficient, correction manner is sought.

  1. Etudes of intermeidate difficulty - K. Mille, H. Brod
  2. Recital compositions regarding the musical aspect are more challenging - R. Schumann, B. Britten, J.S. Bach, F. Poulenc, G. P. Telemann

Mode of study

On-going participation of students in symphony and opera orchestra auditions.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Instrument skills corresponding to the study year and student profile.

Course contents

This course provides student with all skills needed in playing the oboe. A path is sought to enable the students to master the oboe at the highest technical level, in intonation, ebouchure, tone quality and performance. All demands placed on the musician, explained in Oboe 1& 2 are, using properly selected etudes and recitals, further developed. Also attention is given to the tongue as a very important phenomenon of refined setting of tone or quick staccato. If there are difficulties, from Oboe 1, correction manners are sought. Here all that tongue techniqe has to offer is taught; individual types of setting from the most subtle to accented or forced, in staccato but not ony speed but also length of individual staccato notes. It is possible to play from detache to staccatissimo. New knowledge is practiced not only on etudes but also recital compositions are selected so that that knowledge is used in concert activity. More demanding etudes are selected - K. Mille, H. Brod. In recital compositions, preference is given to - R. Schumann, B. Britten, J.S. Bach, F. Poulenc, G. P. Telemann.

Recommended or required reading

K.Mille: Etudes

H.Brod: Etudes

R.Schumann: Tři romance

B.Britten: Metamorfosy pro solový hoboj

B.Britten: Dva hmyzí kusy

F.Poulenc: Sonata

G.Ph.Telemann: Sonata a-moll

Assessment methods and criteria

Assessment of instrument and orchestra playing. Fulfillment of the established repertoire. AKS certification. All concluded with awarding of credit.

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Instructors manage the alternation of individual orchestra parts according to composer notes.

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