Clarinet Playing 2

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106KR2 ZK 9 2T Czech summer

Subject guarantor

Jiří HLAVÁČ, Vlastimil MAREŠ

Name of lecturer(s)

Jiří HLAVÁČ, Jan MACH, Vlastimil MAREŠ, Irvin VENYŠ

Learning outcomes of the course unit

Using the easiest etudes and recital pieces the deficiencies in playing are designated. In this course the optimal path to correction is found.

  1. Investigating ways to remove deficiencies.
  2. Elaborate principles of correct technique, conscientious mastery of each finger.
  3. Continuing correct breathing exercises, breathing exercises.
  4. Etudes focused on rhythmic, intonation and meter precision - Kroepsch, Uhl, Stark, Lancelot, Rose.
  5. Rehearsal of recital compositions expanding to the challenging compositions of Classicism - Kramář, Pleyel, Devienne.

Mode of study

Systematic stage practics in solo creations, chamber ensembles and smaller or symphonic orchestras. Regular attendance in interpretation course and recording of individual instrument classes.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Instrument skills corresponding to the study year and student profile.

Course contents

This course provides students with technique, tone, intonation and interpretation skills so they may compete very well in soloist, chamber and orchestra auditions. The course guides future artists to independence, realizing their own ideas and defending their thinking. Considering that each student individually learns skills to quickly or slowly react to new situations or physically have different abilities in mastering individual aspects of playing an instrument, an individual path is selected for each which enables them to learn as quickly as possible correct habits and eliminate everything which does not belong in playing the clarinet. The content of this course is to find the correct manner for eliminating those deficiencies, elaborating correct playing principles, continuing practice of correct breathing, etc. Rhythmic, intonation and metric precision are practiced in etudes - Kroepsch, Uhl, Stark, Lancelot, Rosé. The more challenging etudes than those by Cavallini and therefore it is necessary that the student understand correctly in „Playing Clarinet 1“ all principles of playing technique. The student should learn to master each finger such that they will be able to hold each for each tone is important or interesting to emphasize. In high Classic recital pieces elaborated is not only the techical aspect of playing the clarint but also knowledge of the structure of a Classic concerto and music patterns. The selection of recital pieces is oriented towards the works of Classical composers: F.V. Kramář, I.J.Pleyel, Devienne, etc. An effort to master all attributes in playing the instrument in the most balanced manner is necessary.

Recommended or required reading

Uhl, Alfred : 48 Etüden : für Klarinette. Heft I

Stark, Alexander : Klarinettenetüden. I

Kramář, František Vincenc : Koncert Es dur pro klarinet a orchestr, op. 36

Pleyel, Ignace Joseph : Clarinet Concerto B Dur

Lancelot, Jacques : 20 Etudes faciles

Rosé, Cyrill : Etudy

Devienne, Francoix :Sonáty pro klarinet a klavír

Assessment methods and criteria

Evaluating the instrument and orchestra particulars of playing. Fulfillment of established repertoire range. Review of soloist, chamber activity and Academy chamber soloists, all concluded with the award of credit.

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Instructors oversee the exchange of individual chamber music according to a list of composers and preferences in soloist and accompanied elements.

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