Clarinet Playing 10

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106KRI0 Z 17 2T Czech summer

Subject guarantor

Jiří HLAVÁČ, Vlastimil MAREŠ

Name of lecturer(s)

Jiří HLAVÁČ, Jan MACH, Vlastimil MAREŠ, Irvin VENYŠ

Learning outcomes of the course unit

In this final course all principles are reviewed regarding playing the flute. The student must be able to identify all attributes and be able to explain them. These cover, primarily, fingering technique, breathing exercises, tone quality and itonation. Emphasis is place on interpretation knowledge in non-traditional techniques and forms. The student demonstrates their musicality and personality with compositions arranged in the study.

  1. Summary of all student knowledge and skills
  2. Compositions - Mozart, Martinů, Brahms, Debussy and international competition repertoire.

Mode of study

Systematic stage practice in solo creations, chamber ensembles and smaller or symphonic orchestras. Regular performance in the performance course and playback of individual instrument classes.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Instrument skills at the level corresponding to the study year and student profile.

Course contents

In this final course all attributes which are part of clarinet playing are reviewed. The student learns to formulate issues in playing the instrument. They learn to resolve all possible combinations of issues which can be encountered in performance. The student is guided so that in their instruction track they will be able to analyse situations and draw appropriate conclusions. The student is guided to an understanding of concert dramaturygy and the psychological aspects of solo performance. The student must be able to describe all attributes and explain them alone. In compositions performed, they demostrate, first of all, their musical sense and their personality. They are prepared for an independent career. Their views are compared with those of the professor and are directed to a correct or possible standard. The course continues with the student as an exceptional musical talent, who has no apparent issues in playing the instrument. The have a high level of technique and tone quality, intonation and performance skills. These are requirements to withstand competition in the soloist, chamber or orchestra music fields. The course continues the set path from the previous course and mainly one's own creative activity, very good clarinet technique, tone quality, intonation demanded by the „perfect form.“ For these requirements compositions from fundamental clarinet literature and all others which are acceptable for stage may be used; ex: Mozart, Weber, Brahms, Debussy, Martinů, those of the 21st century and the present.

Recommended or required reading

Mozart, Wolfgang.Amadeus.: Klarinetten-Konzert A dur, KV 622

Brahms, Johannes: Klarinetten-Sonaten op. 120 Nr. 1

Brahms, Johannes: Klarinetten-Sonaten op. 120 Nr. 2

Martinů ,Bohuslav : Sonatina pro klarinet a klavír

Debussy, Claude : Premiere Rhapsodie

Assessment methods and criteria

Student performance is assessed in all facets of performance. First of all the composition the student played is examined and individual pitfalls of performance are pointed out. Also assessed is how the student dealt with these problems. Noted, as well, is the playing level of the student in terms of technique, intonation, sound, dynamics and performance.

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Instructors manage the alternation of individual chamber parts according composer notes and preference to solist and accompaniment elements.

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